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Dentists say that the most important part of tooth care happens by brushing and flossing properly, along with regular dental checkups. Doing this can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. If you're like most people, you don't exactly look forward to facing a dentist's drill. So wouldn't it be better to prevent cavities or tooth decay before they begin. Brushing twice times a day, flossing twice a day, and rinsing your mouth out with mouth wash once a day will keep you gums and teeth protected and clean.
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Freshmint® Clear Gel Toothpaste
Freshmint® Toothpaste
Freshmint® Clear Gel ToothpasteToothbrushesFreshmint® Toothpaste
with FluorideIndividually Baggedwith Fluoride
Item #: FCGTItem #: TBItem #: TP06
from $30.24from $37.44from $18.00
Crest Toothpaste
Colgate Classic Soft Toothbrush
Crest ToothpasteMouthwashColgate Classic Soft Toothbrush
Available In Various SizesAvailable In Various Sizes144 pieces/case
Item #: TPCR02Item #: FMW02Item #: TBCC
from $27.00from $18.00$113.76
Aquafresh Toothpaste
Sweet Talk Mouthwash
Toothbrush Holder Tube
Aquafresh ToothpasteSweet Talk MouthwashToothbrush Holder Tube
36 pieces/case12 pieces/case100 pieces/case
Item #: TPA14Item #: MW24Item #: TBHLDR
$25.00$13.80from $14.00
Toothbrush Cap
Dental Floss
Colgate Toothpaste
Toothbrush CapDental FlossColgate Toothpaste
1440 pieces/case72 pieces/case48 pieces/case
Item #: TC1440Item #: DFItem #: TCP85
$100.80from $54.00$28.80
Scope 1.5oz Mouthwash
Scope 1.5oz Mouthwash
48 pieces/case
Item #: MWSC
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